Tiny Bathroom Re-Mod


Once upon a time, I lived in the smallest, actually, most narrow bathroom that you may ever see. To clarify, I did not live in the bathroom…I lived in the house that housed the bathroom. This tiny, little, nook was in desperate desire for some TLC. Without hesitation, I thunk up an idea, bought some paint, and went to town. Of course, there was more to it than just paint…

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Pumpkin Project

IMG_8503I’m a sucker for All October Goodies but especially the miniature pumpkins. They’re perfect for easy decorations, detailed corners, porches, and projects! We used to paint faces on these little orange pumpkins as a way of decorating them. Now, pumpkin decorating and carving, for that matter, have reached new levels. For my mini-pumpkins project this year, I purchased a variety of mini pumpkins and blitzed them out… Continue reading

Homemade Clothesline


Although summer and its heat are leaving us until next year, it won’t stop me from hanging my clothes out to dry. This practice was instilled in me when I was barely learning how to do my own laundry. My mom would express the importance of hanging your ‘intimates,’ even though my intimates in HS were basically only bras. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize the importance of hanging most all my clothes to dry from jeans and sweaters to intimates. Although I’m very well versed and have made this practice a habit, I still need to get significantly better at making trips to the dry cleaners…In the meantime, I’ve noticed a big difference in the longevity and durability of my clothes. I think it’s important for most people to get into this habit, especially if you’ve veered from the $20 Forever21 items to the $75 and higher say, Free People, style :). I realize not all of you may have the luxury of mostly sunny days throughout the winter, so use an inside rack until the weather warms up. I made this clothesline last year, and it’s been awesome ever since. Thanks Martha!

IMG_6851 IMG_6852 IMG_6855The construction of this clothesline is very affordable and quite easy. All of the components can be found at your local hardware store.

IMG_6846I found this measuring cup at an antique store and had to buy it for the $2 they were asking. I finally found the perfect use for it!

IMG_6872 IMG_6869Hope you and your clothes will enjoy this nice and semi-peaceful treatment. You’ll love the way your clothes smell fresh and light!

Cheers! -L

Rosemary and Mint Burlap Bouquets


I talk about my garden a lot. I’m not entirely apologetic about it because it’s summer and I have a pretty rad garden. I’m in love with it and I like to talk about it! With that, I lead into my next little project…Rosemary and Mint Burlap Bouquets. These two, healthy, abundant herb plants I have are overflowing with goodness. So, naturally I feel I have to share the wealth. One day after quickly compiling these two herbs into a makeshift bouquet, I came up with a more thoughtful, personal way to give them as gifts to friends.

Start by gathering the supplies you’ll need:

~ Rosemary and Mint ~ Mason Jars ~ Burlap (of any color or style) ~ Ribbon/raffia/leather/or any sort of neutral colored ‘tie’ ~ Scissors ~


IMG_4175After your supplies are organized, measure out the burlap that will cover the Mason Jar; simply put your jar in the middle of the burlap, measure about 3 inches from the top of the jar. Cut the burlap into the square that completes those measurements.

IMG_4182 IMG_4186After you have your square, measure your ‘tie’ device 4″ from each side of the jar top, take your ribbon (or in my case, leather), and wrap it around the neck of the jar, securing the burlap. After the burlap is secure, trim around the edge for any necessary length or unevenness.

IMG_4188 IMG_4192Now, place rosemary and mint sporadically in the jar creating a nice, full fragrant bouquet! I finished my bouquets off with a tag in which I wrote two rosemary and mint recipe ideas…Rosemary and Mint Tea, and a Mint and Rosemary Sauce.

IMG_4208 IMG_4219

Cheers! -L

Chevron Card

Chevron pattern is all the rage right now. It’s on rugs, pillows, purses, dresses, painted on walls, and much more. While contemplating a “Thank You” card design, I decided to make a chevron themed thank you card. After looking in my suitcases, I had all the necessary supplies to create a beautiful, sparkly, classy card.

~What You’ll Need~

~ Ribbon of any color or design ~ Scissors ~ Hot glue gun ~ A blank card ~ Glue Pen ~ Glitter


After you have all your supplies together, measure an equal distance from the top and bottom of the card towards the middle, so your chevron lines are equal. I measured an inch and a half. Mark your lines, and place your ribbon on the mark, then mark lines on the ribbon, so you know where to cut.

IMG_3408 IMG_3410

Cut your first ribbon section. To follow an even, easy to put together pattern, flip over the first section (using it as a stencil), lay it over the front of the ribbon and cut. After you’ve cut enough pieces to reach the end of the card, lay them out making sure they fit together.

IMG_3419 IMG_3416

Grab your glue pen, and write the theme of the card, in my case, it was Thank You. Pour over the glitter, and wait 3-5 minutes before removing the glitter. Shake it off, and gently rub the remainder glitter off the card.

IMG_3423 IMG_3425 IMG_3432

In the end, you’ll have a great card that was worth the effort to make. Whoever is receiving it, will love the thought and time it took!


Cheers! -L

Beer Mirrors

Recently, our kitchen went through a much-needed, massive facelift. It felt so good to redo, repaint, and visually enlarge the space. Part of the challenge was to find mutually likable decor with an androgynous feel. At the swap meet I found old mirrors inlaid with beer and alcohol brands and designs. These were fitting for a kitchen, where food and drinks are prepared, so I purchased three at a hot price of $5 total and was on my way. I didn’t like the old wood frame look, however, so started manipulating them right away upon arriving home.


Changing up something as simple as a frame color, is very easy, and all you’ll need is three things.

– Blue Painters Tape

–  A spray paint in whatever color you desire

– A drop cloth or surface in which you can spray paint

Spray a couple of coats, holding the spray can about 7-9 inches away to prevent drips and an uneven appearance. Take the tape off about 3-5 minutes after your last coat, so the paint doesn’t fully dry and peel off when you remove the tape.

IMG_2831 IMG_2832 IMG_2833 IMG_3224


Cheers! -L

Fresh Lemonade

Surprisingly, I have never made homemade lemonade. Store bought lemons just don’t carry the same juicing appeal as fresh picked, local lemons. After obtaining several from the neighboring house, I decided it was time to make my first batch of lemonade! I used this recipe, substituting rosemary for the basil.







Pour over ice and top with soda water for a sparkling delight!

Cheers, Laura




On Display

We all have those drawers, cabinets, closets, and little nooks that we reserve for “stuff I’ll put away, but not right now…” Or those miscellaneous items that do not and may never have a home. Luckily for me, and everyone who visits, these spots of mine are well hidden and actually very few (phew!). It’s ok to have these “junk spots” and most everyone does, sometimes it’s impossible not to…but for things out in the open, all the time, it’s quite important to keep these spaces clean, clutter free, and visually attractive.

Maintenance for display spots in a home should be very low. Dusting should be top priority and pretty much the only upkeep. Reason being, do not reserve these places for “stuff.” Make a rule that papers, envelopes, change, and other random artifacts that creep in daily do not get set on random shelves or counters.


To keep the looks fresh and people engaged with your home, change the look often by replacing items, rearranging the display or even minimizing it. Try not to add more than necessary as it’s easy to quickly clutter a space.

IMG_1516 IMG_1527

Use old, new, modern, vintage pieces alike. This will make the look diverse and dynamic without being stagnant and similar.

Making it a priority to keep these “on-display” areas clean, clutter-free and reserved for special items will transcend into other areas of your home as well. You’ll begin loving the low-maintenance, appealing look that can be ever-changing!

Cheers! -L

Wrapping on a Whim

It’s always fun and great to give (and receive) gifts “just because.” Whether it’s flowers, cookies, food, or simple items, people enjoy being thought of, even in the simplest of ways. I love it when an item catches my attention and reminds me of a friend or family member. At a fair price, I tend to buy these items give them as “just because” gifts. Sometimes, these gifts are more fun than a birthday or Christmas gift, as they are spontaneous and unexpected! However, unlike the holiday season, wrapping paper and bags aren’t flooding your house, so here are some cheap, quick wrapping ideas for an anytime, any occasion gift…

IMG_1160 IMG_1156 IMG_0353

{The little gift was an i-phone case I ordered on Amazon for $1.50 including shipping! The bottom picture was a bocce-ball set, for a birthday. I had no time to go out to find wrapping, so I busted out a burlap bag.}

When I find these sorts of gifts, it’s fitting to use easy, cheap and accessible wrappings. That’s why I keep my suitcases at-the-ready; with a plethora of wrapping options inside. My favorite On-a-Whim wrap items include, tissue paper, burlap, twine, stamps and raffia. I also have been incorporating cheese cloth lately. Burlap bags can be found at hardware stores for around $5 and come as 5′ x 5′ bags. Stamps are my favorite way to label packages or letters. My letter set and stamp pad was $15 at Michaels.

IMG_1498 IMG_1510 IMG_1515

Not only are these really inexpensive, fast, convenient ways to wrap gifts, but also very personable. People will love that their gift is custom wrapped and personally created with them in mind.

Cheers! -L


Tequila Infusion

Infusing alcohol is a great, fun way to spice and spruce up ordinary martinis or cocktails. It’s easy, fun and allows you to get creative with mixing herbs, fruits, or even vegetables. My favorite infusion so far has been a garlic, Serrano vodka for Bloody Marys. This time I chose to use tequila.

I know that Tequila is great, but it does not allow for a plethora of cocktails to be made with it. I am hoping this infusion will spice it up a bit. I had watermelon leftover from an Agua Fresca I had been making so I used that, picked some cucumber and jalapenos from the garden and went to town.

Simply put, I just sliced everything up differently to keep it visually appealing, put it all in a Corzo Bottle and topped it with tequila. Let it fuse together for at least a day in the fridge before trying it out. What are some of your favorite infusions you’ve tried or made?