Tequila Infusion

Infusing alcohol is a great, fun way to spice and spruce up ordinary martinis or cocktails. It’s easy, fun and allows you to get creative with mixing herbs, fruits, or even vegetables. My favorite infusion so far has been a garlic, Serrano vodka for Bloody Marys. This time I chose to use tequila.

I know that Tequila is great, but it does not allow for a plethora of cocktails to be made with it. I am hoping this infusion will spice it up a bit. I had watermelon leftover from an Agua Fresca I had been making so I used that, picked some cucumber and jalapenos from the garden and went to town.

Simply put, I just sliced everything up differently to keep it visually appealing, put it all in a Corzo Bottle and topped it with tequila. Let it fuse together for at least a day in the fridge before trying it out. What are some of your favorite infusions you’ve tried or made?

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