Iced Coffee

During the lovely summer, two of my favorite things clash…Hot weather and Hot coffee. For a while into summer I forget about these two conflicting favorites, wondering why my coffee isn’t as enjoyable as usual. Then, that one hot summer day comes, when I realize the change I need to make. Coffee + Ice= Perfect Iced Summer Coffee.

I went to the store, bought two pounds of dark roasted coffee and came home to grind. Since then, I try every night to make a batch of french pressed coffee, put it in a frozen Corzo bottle and refrigerate until morning.

Mason Jars have been a great tool in the Iced Coffee endeavor. I pour in my coffee along with some bakers sugar and cream. Oh, and the ice, of course. Seal the lid and shake for a slightly frothy and perfectly blended iced coffee! Waking up in the morning with no coffee maintenance except to sugar and cream coffee is just delightful and cooling!

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