Rosemary and Mint Burlap Bouquets


I talk about my garden a lot. I’m not entirely apologetic about it because it’s summer and I have a pretty rad garden. I’m in love with it and I like to talk about it! With that, I lead into my next little project…Rosemary and Mint Burlap Bouquets. These two, healthy, abundant herb plants I have are overflowing with goodness. So, naturally I feel I have to share the wealth. One day after quickly compiling these two herbs into a makeshift bouquet, I came up with a more thoughtful, personal way to give them as gifts to friends.

Start by gathering the supplies you’ll need:

~ Rosemary and Mint ~ Mason Jars ~ Burlap (of any color or style) ~ Ribbon/raffia/leather/or any sort of neutral colored ‘tie’ ~ Scissors ~


IMG_4175After your supplies are organized, measure out the burlap that will cover the Mason Jar; simply put your jar in the middle of the burlap, measure about 3 inches from the top of the jar. Cut the burlap into the square that completes those measurements.

IMG_4182 IMG_4186After you have your square, measure your ‘tie’ device 4″ from each side of the jar top, take your ribbon (or in my case, leather), and wrap it around the neck of the jar, securing the burlap. After the burlap is secure, trim around the edge for any necessary length or unevenness.

IMG_4188 IMG_4192Now, place rosemary and mint sporadically in the jar creating a nice, full fragrant bouquet! I finished my bouquets off with a tag in which I wrote two rosemary and mint recipe ideas…Rosemary and Mint Tea, and a Mint and Rosemary Sauce.

IMG_4208 IMG_4219

Cheers! -L