Tiny Bathroom Re-Mod


Once upon a time, I lived in the smallest, actually, most narrow bathroom that you may ever see. To clarify, I did not live in the bathroom…I lived in the house that housed the bathroom. This tiny, little, nook was in desperate desire for some TLC. Without hesitation, I thunk up an idea, bought some paint, and went to town. Of course, there was more to it than just paint…

For a remodel, that doesn’t involve major reconstruction, there are still a lot of necessary steps in order to make it thorough. To me, these are the three basics: Clean, Sand (when necessary), and thoroughly clean again. This bathroom was ‘shhhh…’ a moldy, musty, mess. To paint directly over dirt and mold, causes more troubles in the future. Paint doesn’t rid – just covers. So, clean people, clean!

// Before //

IMG_2677IMG_2678 IMG_2679 IMG_2681 IMG_2686

// After //


I chose to use Behr’s French Silver and Pure White for the new colors. I wanted a grey that would add personality and still provide a clean, fresh modern feel. Typically, I wouldn’t typically choose a”Pure” White but in this small space, bad lighting, and against the grey, I knew it would turn out well.

More Re-Mod projects to come soon 🙂



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