Winter Beauty Essentials – Face & Lips

Can you feel it?? Winter is coming…And I’m not talking about Game of Thrones, although I wish I were. Winter is in the air and the first sign I have is chapped lips and a dried out face. It’s these days where it seems like I can’t get my face moisturizer on fast enough after my showers.

Our face and lips are constantly exposed to the elements almost more than any other part of our bodies. We must care for them daily – especially during dry, cold, windy times. I have scrounged up my favorite 6 essentials for retaining moisture this winter.

winter essentials

1.) Origins ‘A Perfect World’ SPF 25 Daily

It’s important, especially living in CA, that we have daily SPF protecting our skin. This moisturizer is built with age-defense ingredients including White Tea and smells as good as it feels.

2.) Origins ‘Plantscription’ Serum

This serum can be used twice daily, if desired. It’s not a finishing moisturizer, just a base. Apply it first before your morning and night moisturizer and you will be one happy girl (or boy, serums don’t discriminate)!

3.) Origins ‘Night-A-Mins’ Night Cream

Vitamins for your face as you sleep?! Yes, please. This moisturizer feels better and better the more you fun it in…so soothing before bedtime.

4.) C.O. Bigelow ‘My Favorite Night Balm”

It’s in the title, but it really is my favorite night balm. It’s a little thicker than #6, but without the sticky-ness of a lot of thick glosses. It’s smooth and light and perfect. I keep it on my nightstand and in my travel kit…apply once before bed and you will notice a difference in the A.M. especially during these cold nights.

5.) Origins ‘Ginzing’ Eye Cream

This little number is refreshing in both scent and feel! Doesn’t sting the eyes no matter how close you rub it in and instantly gives a nice, fresh, after-glow.

6.) C.O. Bigelow ‘Mentha’ Lip Shine 

Um, I said it here and here, but this stuff is my drug of choice. I apply this stuff probably close to 30 times a day and these tubes last me a couple months! It’s minty-fresh, satiny-feel and makes your lips pop – without any color. If you’re feeling like you need gum or a mint and you don’t got none (sir mix-a-lot), Mentha Lip Shine to your rescue! (Spearmint scent is awesome too).



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