Stylish Comfort to Big Sur

IMG_9818Living on the Central Coast boasts many benefits. One of the best benefits is that it’s a short, beautiful road trip to Big Sur, CA. If you’ve ever been to Big Sur, coming from the North or the South, you know the drive is part of the journey and some of the best finds are stopping for photo ops or beach explorations. Continue reading

Winter Beauty Essentials – Face & Lips

Can you feel it?? Winter is coming…And I’m not talking about Game of Thrones, although I wish I were. Winter is in the air and the first sign I have is chapped lips and a dried out face. It’s these days where it seems like I can’t get my face moisturizer on fast enough after my showers.

Our face and lips are constantly exposed to the elements almost more than any other part of our bodies. We must care for them daily – especially during dry, cold, windy times. I have scrounged up my favorite 6 essentials for retaining moisture this winter.

winter essentials Continue reading

Summer Skin Solutions


Summer! Today is the Official First Day of Summer. Hooray! I love all things summer. One of my favorites? Tanned skin. Oh, do I love a good tan…However, with that bronzed, sun bathed skin comes much maintenance.  Continue reading

Summer Beauty Essentials – Lips

When it comes to the elements, I always think our lips are one of the most delicate features of our bodies. Wind, rain, snow, sun; our lips seem to be the first affected. In the Summer especially, when I’m spending long days in the sun while swimming in pools and the ocean, there’s always a noticeable difference in my lips. These products below have proved to be true heroes in maintaining hydration and soft-ness.  Continue reading

Pop of Coral

Over my birthday weekend I acquired a beauty product that I had been eyeing for a while. Benefit has these lip stains that are fabulous for minimalist wear that will last all day. I have the red stain  and just recently discovered the coral color. My dear friend who discovered it with me was kind enough to buy it for one of my birthday gifts. I have worn it 2 out of the 3 days since. Probably a bit much, but it’s new, and I want to show it off! With these shoes, nails, lips and headband I liked the pops of coral while keeping the rest of the outfit neutral and simple.


IMG_6768 IMG_6760 IMG_6784 IMG_6779 IMG_6744 IMG_6792

I had such a great birthday weekend celebrating with all my friends and my dear brother. I felt so blessed to have the life I have with all the amazing, wonderful friends and family who are in it. Getting older is never a bummer when you allow yourself to have fun and laugh at any age!

Cheers! -L

Beauty Must-Haves

Five Essentials.

Essentials. Wardrobe essentials, hair product essentials, kitchen and bedroom essentials…Let’s face it, essentials are essential! Too many essentials? Yeah, I thought so too. Anyway, I definitely keep my must-haves in every area and as I was grabbing one today, I thought I better share these because man, they are crucial keepers.

1. An amazing duo of tweezers that’s sure to get any teeny-tini hairs out.

These tweezers (By Tweezerman) are absolutely so precise and strong. They even come in their own leather-bound case for protection!

2. Bronzer that can double as blush AND a durable soft applicable brush.

I love Laguna Color by Nars as a blush/bronzer combo. It adds just enough shimmer and brownish hue. This brush by Bobby Brown has lasted me well over a year now with multiple washes and uses. I think I have lost a total of three brush hairs over the time I’ve had it.

3. Bobby Pins that will not and pretty much cannot stretch out or lose shape.

I have a lot of thick, curly, hair that has always required thick hair bands and lots and lots of bobby pins. I finally found my saving grace in these bobby pins. I CANNOT even tell you how amazing and strong and oh, SO wonderful they are! Not only do they come in a cute little tin with 300 pins, but they only cost me $5.00 from my local wholesale beauty store!

4. The most amazing, hydrating, refreshing clear lip gloss out there. By C.O. Bigelow.

To keep it short…I thought I lost my lip gloss while on a trip so quickly Bee-Lined to the closest Bath and Body Works to purchase another. While on the trip, I found the one “I lost” in my car and another one in my luggage. Paranoid about having it? Yes. Wonder why? Just buy your own. (I like spearmint and mentha equally!)

Those are my five essentials I definitely use every day! I would be curious and excited to hear what your daily, beauty essentials are! Please share…Happy Hump day folks!