Summer Skin Solutions


Summer! Today is the Official First Day of Summer. Hooray! I love all things summer. One of my favorites? Tanned skin. Oh, do I love a good tan…However, with that bronzed, sun bathed skin comes much maintenance.  It takes much moisture and hydration for your skin to maintain that glow, elasticity, and soft, smooth look. Over the years, I have narrowed down some Skin Solutions that have saved me Summer after Summer. It’s a short list and one that is easy to maintain – because let’s face it, you don’t have time to be wasting when you could be at the beach!

Olay Shea Butter

IMG_3317 I am stuck in a rut. But I cannot complain. I have used this body wash since I was in college. No joke. It’s crazy how long I’ve used the same thing. But, I cannot seem to veer from it, because I have no reason to. I love the scent, the feel, and the aftermath of this amazing product. Bonus? Costco’s been selling it for the past few years – You will never run out!

Coconut Oil


I actually use coconut oil after (most of) my showers. It’s clean, non-sticky, and quick to apply. Keep it in your shower, so it gets warm during your shower and can melt down enough to apply it afterwards. Stay slightly damp and wet while applying as it goes on much smoother and easier with some water as a base. It’s not ‘oily’, doesn’t get on your clothes, and will not ‘melt’ away in the heat – like most lotions will. Coconut oil will condition and hydrate your skin without you even remembering it’s on there!

Body Butter


I keep a container of thick body butter or lotion right by my bed. I will put this specifically on my hands, feet, and elbows right when I jump into bed at night. I have noticed a dramatic difference in the way my hands, feet and elbows feel. It’s pretty incredible, actually. Throughout the night, these severely dehydrated areas will be drinking in the body butter. You will wake up with your skin feeling refreshed, soft and quite hydrated!

IMG_3312Hope you and your skin will enjoy these summer tricks to stay hydrated!

Happy Summer Everyone! Cheers!


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