On Display

We all have those drawers, cabinets, closets, and little nooks that we reserve for “stuff I’ll put away, but not right now…” Or those miscellaneous items that do not and may never have a home. Luckily for me, and everyone who visits, these spots of mine are well hidden and actually very few (phew!). It’s ok to have these “junk spots” and most everyone does, sometimes it’s impossible not to…but for things out in the open, all the time, it’s quite important to keep these spaces clean, clutter free, and visually attractive.

Maintenance for display spots in a home should be very low. Dusting should be top priority and pretty much the only upkeep. Reason being, do not reserve these places for “stuff.” Make a rule that papers, envelopes, change, and other random artifacts that creep in daily do not get set on random shelves or counters.


To keep the looks fresh and people engaged with your home, change the look often by replacing items, rearranging the display or even minimizing it. Try not to add more than necessary as it’s easy to quickly clutter a space.

IMG_1516 IMG_1527

Use old, new, modern, vintage pieces alike. This will make the look diverse and dynamic without being stagnant and similar.

Making it a priority to keep these “on-display” areas clean, clutter-free and reserved for special items will transcend into other areas of your home as well. You’ll begin loving the low-maintenance, appealing look that can be ever-changing!

Cheers! -L

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