Natural Easter Egg Dye

IMG_0649It’s probably been done for years but it seems that just this season, making natural Easter egg dye was popping up everywhere. Continue reading

Button Letter Art

image2When my good friends found out they were pregnant, I was ecstatic for them. Knowing this journey would be so special and meaningful, I wanted their baby shower gift to be special as well.   Continue reading

Wrapping on a Whim

It’s always fun and great to give (and receive) gifts “just because.” Whether it’s flowers, cookies, food, or simple items, people enjoy being thought of, even in the simplest of ways. I love it when an item catches my attention and reminds me of a friend or family member. At a fair price, I tend to buy these items give them as “just because” gifts. Sometimes, these gifts are more fun than a birthday or Christmas gift, as they are spontaneous and unexpected! However, unlike the holiday season, wrapping paper and bags aren’t flooding your house, so here are some cheap, quick wrapping ideas for an anytime, any occasion gift…

IMG_1160 IMG_1156 IMG_0353

{The little gift was an i-phone case I ordered on Amazon for $1.50 including shipping! The bottom picture was a bocce-ball set, for a birthday. I had no time to go out to find wrapping, so I busted out a burlap bag.}

When I find these sorts of gifts, it’s fitting to use easy, cheap and accessible wrappings. That’s why I keep my suitcases at-the-ready; with a plethora of wrapping options inside. My favorite On-a-Whim wrap items include, tissue paper, burlap, twine, stamps and raffia. I also have been incorporating cheese cloth lately. Burlap bags can be found at hardware stores for around $5 and come as 5′ x 5′ bags. Stamps are my favorite way to label packages or letters. My letter set and stamp pad was $15 at Michaels.

IMG_1498 IMG_1510 IMG_1515

Not only are these really inexpensive, fast, convenient ways to wrap gifts, but also very personable. People will love that their gift is custom wrapped and personally created with them in mind.

Cheers! -L


California Love

I just finished a long awaited, highly anticipated project! Surprisingly, it didn’t take as long as I anticipated, about 6 hours total. I saw a project like this a long time ago and have wanted to create my own version and add flare to the basic idea ever since. It’s not like I have much more room in my house for artwork, but I’ll find something or someone to give it to.

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