Natural Easter Egg Dye

IMG_0649It’s probably been done for years but it seems that just this season, making natural Easter egg dye was popping up everywhere. Coloring Easter Eggs is a favorite tradition in my household and growing up my mom was always good about incorporating new and creative dye methods. We never once entertained the idea of ‘natural’ dye, so when I came across it, I had to give it a whirl. I found several recipes in which I pulled from but my method probably most closely resembled this one. This process seems labor intensive, but really isn’t anything to be intimidated by. It’s a really fun DIY, plus it’s natural! And bonus: if you compost, you can use the leftover boiled vegetables as compost material – win, win.

IMG_0514{I used 5 ingredients for dye: spinach, purple cabbage, yellow and red onion skins, and paprika}IMG_0523 {To create designs on the eggs, I used rubber bands, unfortunately only 3 eggs retained their rubber bands throughout the boiling process…If you were to boil the eggs separate and just add them to the dye to soak, the rubber bands will remain intact}IMG_0528 IMG_0552 IMG_0581 IMG_0585 IMG_0598 IMG_0607 IMG_0625 IMG_0628 {Above are matted eggs (just au naturale) and below you can see how adding an olive or coconut oil rub makes them shine!}IMG_0664 IMG_0666 (1)


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