Beer Mirrors

Recently, our kitchen went through a much-needed, massive facelift. It felt so good to redo, repaint, and visually enlarge the space. Part of the challenge was to find mutually likable decor with an androgynous feel. At the swap meet I found old mirrors inlaid with beer and alcohol brands and designs. These were fitting for a kitchen, where food and drinks are prepared, so I purchased three at a hot price of $5 total and was on my way. I didn’t like the old wood frame look, however, so started manipulating them right away upon arriving home.


Changing up something as simple as a frame color, is very easy, and all you’ll need is three things.

– Blue Painters Tape

–  A spray paint in whatever color you desire

– A drop cloth or surface in which you can spray paint

Spray a couple of coats, holding the spray can about 7-9 inches away to prevent drips and an uneven appearance. Take the tape off about 3-5 minutes after your last coat, so the paint doesn’t fully dry and peel off when you remove the tape.

IMG_2831 IMG_2832 IMG_2833 IMG_3224


Cheers! -L

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