Everyone loves a good thrift every now and again. I tend to like them every week, if I could…1.) have abundant cash reserved specifically for thrifting, 2.) have a giant house to house all my treasures, 3.) have a giant house to house all my treasures. Don’t get me wrong, just because I live in a small house now, doesn’t mean I pass on beautiful items. It means my treasures find a perfect, dusty, dark home in the shed in my backyard. Ha, like not having room would prevent me from obtaining amazing pieces! . . . It just prevents me from buying all. of. it.  

A thrifting outing promises nothing. As the best purchase at the Swap Meet one day, may be the cheddar/jalapeno tamales. You can never be so sure as to how little will make it home, or how many armloads it’s possible to walk away with. But one thing is for sure…No matter the outcome, laughter, awe, and shock will ensue. Here is a friend-thrifting-adventure gone bad (no amazing finds)/amazingly good.

For those of you living in a medieval castle…IMG_0461

Any Texas-ans in California? Oh wait, my friend Jess…IMG_0462

A conductor and a gardener, all in a days work…My friend Ryan is not part of the thrift store, and is not for sale, folks.
IMG_0465 IMG_0464

And then we found the greatest find of all the finds…Foxy Loxy.
IMG_0466 IMG_0469I just…I can’t…I just can’t believe someone dumped her at the thrift store…

Oh, but here’s two somethings I found that day in which all was right.


I’d be curious to know of some funny finds you’ve had while thrifting, swap-meeting, or garage sale-ing?!

Cheers! -L

Beer Mirrors

Recently, our kitchen went through a much-needed, massive facelift. It felt so good to redo, repaint, and visually enlarge the space. Part of the challenge was to find mutually likable decor with an androgynous feel. At the swap meet I found old mirrors inlaid with beer and alcohol brands and designs. These were fitting for a kitchen, where food and drinks are prepared, so I purchased three at a hot price of $5 total and was on my way. I didn’t like the old wood frame look, however, so started manipulating them right away upon arriving home.


Changing up something as simple as a frame color, is very easy, and all you’ll need is three things.

– Blue Painters Tape

–  A spray paint in whatever color you desire

– A drop cloth or surface in which you can spray paint

Spray a couple of coats, holding the spray can about 7-9 inches away to prevent drips and an uneven appearance. Take the tape off about 3-5 minutes after your last coat, so the paint doesn’t fully dry and peel off when you remove the tape.

IMG_2831 IMG_2832 IMG_2833 IMG_3224


Cheers! -L


Why, oh why, is blogging constantly such a challenge for me? I have a myriad of reasons; it’s summer and I just want to run away to the beach and frolic all day, I’ve been injured (sustaining ACL surgery two months ago), etc., etc., but what it really comes down to is that cringing, awful, embarrassing word, laziness. There, I said it. Out in the open, loud and clear, lazy. BUT, no more I tell you. No More.

I have an affinity with blogging, yet I have only slightly scraped the surface of the realm. Can you imagine what’s lying underneath that scratch that I have yet to uncover?! I can tell you that I am excited to discover it. And I vow right now to myself, and to you, whoever you may be that’s following this ghostly blog, that I will indefinitely double my number of posts (and then some) by 2014. I know, what a strict timeline, psh, but let’s face it y’all, I need it. Small feats.

So with that, I bid ado, but not for long, as I should be back very, very shortly!

Here are some hummingbird pictures from Silver Lake, CA in the meantime…

IMG_2994 IMG_3006 IMG_3007 IMG_3014 IMG_3019 IMG_3017

“Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes of love, joy and celebration. The hummingbirds delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning, and that laughter is life’s sweetest connection.” -Papyrus

Cheers – L

Shut Up and Drive

Weekends are an ideal time for folks to get things done and catch up. However, sometimes the best weekends are when you relax, take time for yourself, and indulge. On Sunday this weekend, we decided to relax, take time to think and enjoy the Central Coast. This is us, shutting up and driving.

IMG_2537 IMG_2543 IMG_2540

We packed a lunch, a blanket, the camera and drove through Santa Margarita Valley while listening to old CDs. The wind blowing through every window.

IMG_2538 IMG_2544

The weather was perfect. The cows were in plenty and the silence just right.

IMG_2552 IMG_2550 IMG_2546

Sometimes what we all need is some peace, quiet and the open road. Someday soon, get out there and go!  Cheers – L

The Second Season

In California’s Central Coast, it feels as though there are only two seasons…colder sunny days with sporadic rainfall and warm/hot sunny days. Four seasons do not exist here, so saying that summer feels like it’s on the brink, seems like an odd statement. But, the air in SLO continues to feel warm and cozy, the nights are even staying comfortable for longer. I do think we will have an especially warm spring and with that, an early summer.

It makes me excited to extend and grow the garden again. Our artichoke maintains its health and wellness and despite our efforts to keep up with the production, the chard isn’t letting up. Strawberries seem to be taking a slumber from developing ruby red berries, but the leaves and size of the plants tell us we’ll soon be having a daily morning snack. My idea for this years summer garden includes peppers, tomatoes, arugula, onions, cucumbers, and more herbs. I’m sure more will make it’s way into our dirt, but until then, this is what I’m planning. Today will be a beautiful day full of weeding, turning dirt, and enjoying the beautiful sun. Have a beautiful weekend all!

IMG_2519 IMG_1785

The Chard that grows and grows and turns different shades of green and burgundy all the time…

IMG_2521 IMG_2522

The Artichoke plant that yielded 6 artichokes last year…hoping to get 12 (or more!) this year!


This book is my buddy with spring so near!

IMG_2516 IMG_2518

Front flower garden…I learned last winter of flowers that would bloom all through winter. They have been a great light, even on dark days.


Backyard Calla Lily garden that grows wild, and free and beautiful.

Cheers! -L





Celebrating a New Year brings reflection, nostalgia, anticipation, hope, and change. In the past, I’ve made all the typical resolutions; working out more, daily journal entires, practicing patience, and cooking more at home. For 2013, instead of making one or two personal challenges, which will not be entirely fulfilled, I decided to compile a list of little goals, changes and additions to incorporate throughout the year.  I want to celebrate little moments, rejoice in personal relationships, and focus energy and enthusiasm into many things this year. I have been compiling this list during the first week of the New Year:

2012 NYE...San Diego

2012 NYE…San Diego

Have dinner parties. Game nights. Bake more; try new recipes. Reorganize, de-clutter often. Plan surprise date nights. Give gifts, just because. Take small getaways. Write letters, send snail mail. Stay positive, complain less. See more shows. Read more books. Have a yard sale, or swap meet booth. Reflect weekly. Create more. Wear dresses more often. Send birthday cards/presents early as to arrive before their birthday. Blog frequently. Smile and laugh daily. Take more pictures. Watch more sunsets.

IMG_2369 IMG_2438

On Display

We all have those drawers, cabinets, closets, and little nooks that we reserve for “stuff I’ll put away, but not right now…” Or those miscellaneous items that do not and may never have a home. Luckily for me, and everyone who visits, these spots of mine are well hidden and actually very few (phew!). It’s ok to have these “junk spots” and most everyone does, sometimes it’s impossible not to…but for things out in the open, all the time, it’s quite important to keep these spaces clean, clutter free, and visually attractive.

Maintenance for display spots in a home should be very low. Dusting should be top priority and pretty much the only upkeep. Reason being, do not reserve these places for “stuff.” Make a rule that papers, envelopes, change, and other random artifacts that creep in daily do not get set on random shelves or counters.


To keep the looks fresh and people engaged with your home, change the look often by replacing items, rearranging the display or even minimizing it. Try not to add more than necessary as it’s easy to quickly clutter a space.

IMG_1516 IMG_1527

Use old, new, modern, vintage pieces alike. This will make the look diverse and dynamic without being stagnant and similar.

Making it a priority to keep these “on-display” areas clean, clutter-free and reserved for special items will transcend into other areas of your home as well. You’ll begin loving the low-maintenance, appealing look that can be ever-changing!

Cheers! -L

Wrapping on a Whim

It’s always fun and great to give (and receive) gifts “just because.” Whether it’s flowers, cookies, food, or simple items, people enjoy being thought of, even in the simplest of ways. I love it when an item catches my attention and reminds me of a friend or family member. At a fair price, I tend to buy these items give them as “just because” gifts. Sometimes, these gifts are more fun than a birthday or Christmas gift, as they are spontaneous and unexpected! However, unlike the holiday season, wrapping paper and bags aren’t flooding your house, so here are some cheap, quick wrapping ideas for an anytime, any occasion gift…

IMG_1160 IMG_1156 IMG_0353

{The little gift was an i-phone case I ordered on Amazon for $1.50 including shipping! The bottom picture was a bocce-ball set, for a birthday. I had no time to go out to find wrapping, so I busted out a burlap bag.}

When I find these sorts of gifts, it’s fitting to use easy, cheap and accessible wrappings. That’s why I keep my suitcases at-the-ready; with a plethora of wrapping options inside. My favorite On-a-Whim wrap items include, tissue paper, burlap, twine, stamps and raffia. I also have been incorporating cheese cloth lately. Burlap bags can be found at hardware stores for around $5 and come as 5′ x 5′ bags. Stamps are my favorite way to label packages or letters. My letter set and stamp pad was $15 at Michaels.

IMG_1498 IMG_1510 IMG_1515

Not only are these really inexpensive, fast, convenient ways to wrap gifts, but also very personable. People will love that their gift is custom wrapped and personally created with them in mind.

Cheers! -L


Gone and Gone


Deepest Apologies for the disappearing act I just pulled for the last week. I was whisked home to Seattle for a lovely week long vacation with friends, family, and the amazing city. It was such a wonderful trip filled with delectable meals, fresh seafood, The Market, a great show by Divine Fits, our cabin, and sailing with our father on Lake Washington. Oh, and these two little muffins…


Seattle never surprises me with its array of beauty (especially when the sun shines bright) and its amazing hospitality. For a big city, the people remain calm and friendly with smiles and Thank You’s. People help one another out. I am always amazed at all the water, channels, sloughs, rivers and bays that surround the entire area. Seattle is a giant outdoor playground and I am so lucky and happy to call it home.


Pack Your Suitcases


Vintage suitcases are a little collection of mine. I love the versatility they provide. A stack of suitcases used as an end table or bedside table is one of my favorite looks. My room doesn’t provide much space for a wide bedside table, right now. So, I quickly realized another purpose these lovely adornments could hold. Storage! I have a lot of crafty utensils that quickly outgrew the little drawer I kept them in. Hating the clutter and growth of these objects, the suitcase seemed to be staring me in the face saying, “Use Me!” I did. And I love them for it. I organized two of them and keep them under my coffee table for added decor and then I can easily slide them out and onto the table when I need to make something!

IMG_1150 IMG_1136

Vintage suitcases are somewhat of a rarity, especially finding ones in good shape. When you do find them, the cost may blow you away. I bought a suitcase for $35 one time. What a mistake, as I have found 4 since for under $10 at my local Swap Meet and thrift stores. Be patient if you wish to find vintage suitcases. Take the time to look. You will find great suitcases at even greater costs.

IMG_1126 IMG_1134

Cheers! -L