Everyone loves a good thrift every now and again. I tend to like them every week, if I could…1.) have abundant cash reserved specifically for thrifting, 2.) have a giant house to house all my treasures, 3.) have a giant house to house all my treasures. Don’t get me wrong, just because I live in a small house now, doesn’t mean I pass on beautiful items. It means my treasures find a perfect, dusty, dark home in the shed in my backyard. Ha, like not having room would prevent me from obtaining amazing pieces! . . . It just prevents me from buying all. of. it.  

A thrifting outing promises nothing. As the best purchase at the Swap Meet one day, may be the cheddar/jalapeno tamales. You can never be so sure as to how little will make it home, or how many armloads it’s possible to walk away with. But one thing is for sure…No matter the outcome, laughter, awe, and shock will ensue. Here is a friend-thrifting-adventure gone bad (no amazing finds)/amazingly good.

For those of you living in a medieval castle…IMG_0461

Any Texas-ans in California? Oh wait, my friend Jess…IMG_0462

A conductor and a gardener, all in a days work…My friend Ryan is not part of the thrift store, and is not for sale, folks.
IMG_0465 IMG_0464

And then we found the greatest find of all the finds…Foxy Loxy.
IMG_0466 IMG_0469I just…I can’t…I just can’t believe someone dumped her at the thrift store…

Oh, but here’s two somethings I found that day in which all was right.


I’d be curious to know of some funny finds you’ve had while thrifting, swap-meeting, or garage sale-ing?!

Cheers! -L

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