California Love

I just finished a long awaited, highly anticipated project! Surprisingly, it didn’t take as long as I anticipated, about 6 hours total. I saw a project like this a long time ago and have wanted to create my own version and add flare to the basic idea ever since. It’s not like I have much more room in my house for artwork, but I’ll find something or someone to give it to.

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Hot Hunting

This past weekend we went up and over to Visalia, CA. Or, as I came to call it: really, really, hot land. Holy Hot.

I have never been to “The Valley.” Let’s reiterate that this Valley is not THE Death Valley, but now I’d like to ask, what Valley is not considered a “Valley of Death?” Because I’m pretty sure I wanted to die.

The reason for roasting, you ask? 

This beaut! An old barn to gather reclaimed wood and other treasures. The site was great; filled with old wood-framed windows, dulled glass bottles, rusty wine barrels, worn wood. A fun, old, playground. Great picture opportunities but no great cooling down opportunities. Ice cold beers were brought and consumed, thinking we might cool down from the inside. However, when your beer warms up within five minutes of opening, it doesn’t allow for much relief.

The Big Barn Window Heaven

We hunted in the heat and found great finds. And really, who needs to beat the heat when you’re in the company and suffering with good friends, good food, and warm beer?! Cheers to Visalia and the Hot Hunting!

Great Growth Love the Colors

Cheers! -L


Getting away from the every day life that is, is necessary. Vacations rejuvenate minds and bodies. Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to feel the necessary relaxation that vacations give.

Luckily and gratefully I live in such a place that I am able to Stay-Cation quite often. Central California makes for the most easy and beautifully relaxing places to go for just the night, day, or weekend. I haven’t been on a vacation where I travel far in almost a year…I’m definitely itching to do so, but in the meantime here are some moments reliving recent Stay-Cations.

These pictures are from San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Avila Beach and Santa Barbara…

A New Bloom

Welcome to Bloom and Birch! Summer has arrived and with it, my new blog! I hope to include all things that interest and inspire me and share it with all of you. I love summer time and always feel inspired during this time of the year. The days are longer, the weather warmer, people are happy and trips are in abundance. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you! Happy July!

**Picture from Big Sur, CA**