Celebrating a New Year brings reflection, nostalgia, anticipation, hope, and change. In the past, I’ve made all the typical resolutions; working out more, daily journal entires, practicing patience, and cooking more at home. For 2013, instead of making one or two personal challenges, which will not be entirely fulfilled, I decided to compile a list of little goals, changes and additions to incorporate throughout the year.  I want to celebrate little moments, rejoice in personal relationships, and focus energy and enthusiasm into many things this year. I have been compiling this list during the first week of the New Year:

2012 NYE...San Diego

2012 NYE…San Diego

Have dinner parties. Game nights. Bake more; try new recipes. Reorganize, de-clutter often. Plan surprise date nights. Give gifts, just because. Take small getaways. Write letters, send snail mail. Stay positive, complain less. See more shows. Read more books. Have a yard sale, or swap meet booth. Reflect weekly. Create more. Wear dresses more often. Send birthday cards/presents early as to arrive before their birthday. Blog frequently. Smile and laugh daily. Take more pictures. Watch more sunsets.

IMG_2369 IMG_2438

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