Pack Your Suitcases


Vintage suitcases are a little collection of mine. I love the versatility they provide. A stack of suitcases used as an end table or bedside table is one of my favorite looks. My room doesn’t provide much space for a wide bedside table, right now. So, I quickly realized another purpose these lovely adornments could hold. Storage! I have a lot of crafty utensils that quickly outgrew the little drawer I kept them in. Hating the clutter and growth of these objects, the suitcase seemed to be staring me in the face saying, “Use Me!” I did. And I love them for it. I organized two of them and keep them under my coffee table for added decor and then I can easily slide them out and onto the table when I need to make something!

IMG_1150 IMG_1136

Vintage suitcases are somewhat of a rarity, especially finding ones in good shape. When you do find them, the cost may blow you away. I bought a suitcase for $35 one time. What a mistake, as I have found 4 since for under $10 at my local Swap Meet and thrift stores. Be patient if you wish to find vintage suitcases. Take the time to look. You will find great suitcases at even greater costs.

IMG_1126 IMG_1134

Cheers! -L