The Pacific Northwest

I told you that I’d be bad at blogging while on vacation. However, it also extended into the first week I was home! I started a new job the Monday after the Sunday night we got back home, so last week was filled with adjustments. Meaning, I put blogging on the back burner. I hate doing that, but sometimes it must be done.

Now I am somewhat settled into the routine of working all week and can manage to incorporate a blogging schedule. I am going to start with a small recap of my adventures up North, to where I call home, and a place that will forever have my heart.

Most of my family (except my brother, which is very lucky for me) is up North in the Greater Seattle Area and a lot of them live where our cabin resides. I always make it a point to drive up there for a night no matter how jam-packed my schedule gets. It’s so peaceful and serene, comfortable and cozy, full of love and memories, while always making new ones. We can never stop laughing, stay up too late around the campfire and tell stories new and old.

IMG_4996 IMG_5000IMG_5029{Top-Bottom: The view of the Pacific from our cabin, table grapes growing from a 100-yr old vine on our deck, seagull with a live crab. }

IMG_5019 IMG_5018 IMG_5036{Playing with photo colors, the sunset on a calm bay.}

IMG_5041 IMG_5048{My Aunt and Uncle’s puppy, Lilly the Labradoodle, the outside deck of their home}

I didn’t nearly take enough photos of the majesty of this place or the people. I just get too caught up with family and fun! Have a great day, and check back soon!

Cheers, L!


Gone and Gone


Deepest Apologies for the disappearing act I just pulled for the last week. I was whisked home to Seattle for a lovely week long vacation with friends, family, and the amazing city. It was such a wonderful trip filled with delectable meals, fresh seafood, The Market, a great show by Divine Fits, our cabin, and sailing with our father on Lake Washington. Oh, and these two little muffins…


Seattle never surprises me with its array of beauty (especially when the sun shines bright) and its amazing hospitality. For a big city, the people remain calm and friendly with smiles and Thank You’s. People help one another out. I am always amazed at all the water, channels, sloughs, rivers and bays that surround the entire area. Seattle is a giant outdoor playground and I am so lucky and happy to call it home.