Cauliflower Soup


The storms have infiltrated our city the past couple weeks, putting me in a hot tea, cozy blankets, craving soup kinda mood. I love soups during this time of year as they are healthy, filling and light before the wave of all the Holiday meals and treats make their way into our bellies. One of my favorite soups is one my mom made years ago, it has had us all in awe since. It was SO. GOOD. Putting a slight twist on this delicious cauliflower soup, here is one of our families favorite soups…

IMG_5211 IMG_5220 IMG_5251 IMG_5254 IMG_5259 IMG_5280Not much was changed from Ree Drummand’s original except for more carrots and celery (I used 4 each), the addition of purple cauliflower, and no white sauce – just a small amount of 1/2 n 1/2 and low-fat milk. I also use Better Than Bouillon (chicken) with Vegetable Broth rather than straight chicken broth…just a personal twist. Hope you enjoy this soup just as much as my family and I do!






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