Hidden Things

While geocaching, (It’s a pretty fun thing to do with friends if bored or just in need for a good bike ride around parts of town you don’t normally frequent), we came across this graffiti wall which couldn’t pass up a photo-op. My outfit colors seemed to compliment the graffiti perfectly.

YOU is on the back of my shirt, not YO. Although, YO would definitely be more awesome.

{Target Shirt, Bella Dahl Shorts, Chuck Taylor shoes, Hobo purse, Cole Haan sunglasses}

I found this shirt at Target for a nighttime-lounge shirt, but have come to love it as a casual, day shirt. I typically do not like writing on shirts, especially when it says, “ME,” right on front, but the cut and style of it allow me to put that aside.

Oh and out of four geocaches, we only found one! First timers…maybe we’ll get better.

Cheers! -L

Hobo Love

One weakness…Hobo Products.

Purses, bags, wallets, clutches-I cannot be without one! I received my first Hobo from my Mom about two years ago and have never looked back; it was the best purse product I ever owned. To this day, all of my Hobos appear as if I just bought them yesterday.

Hobos are fully lined with a vibrant fabric in an always abstract design on the inside…I always find this exciting about opening a new purse or wallet. Creative pockets and button snapped pouches are always a fun highlight to owning a Hobo. I highly recommend investing in your very own Hobo. To find some steals, if you’re very, very lucky, search in your local Nordstrom Rack!

My favorite. Coin, card, cash wallet. So perfect for any size purse!