Homemade Acai Bowls

IMG_1193They’re healthy, they’re satisfying, they’re customizable, and they’re everywhere in California. Acai (a-sigh-E) bowls are trending big time and no one seems to be complaining. It’s for good reason as these filling bowls are quick and accessible, appeal to the health-conscious mind and as a bonus, make for some pretty good photo opportunities. Even though there are many ‘Bowl’ shops in our town now, we still like to create our own at home. Using these Acai Superfruit Packs from Whole Foods, homemade acai bowls are easy, provide a nice snack or meal, they’re fun to create and guilty free! We blend the acai packs in the Vitamix (or blender) with a small amount of coconut water or milk, a banana and for this particular one, shredded coconut as well.IMG_1151

{Ingredients: Granola, raw almonds, chia seeds, local bee pollen and honey, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, kiwi, blended with the acai is shredded coconut and banana}
IMG_1155 IMG_1198 IMG_1195 IMG_1188Happy Friday. I’m headed to Santa Barbara by train for the day. Stayed tuned to for that adventure! Enjoy your weekends!

Cheers, L.

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