Little Christmas Details



Hello Darlings! Last time I wrote was post-Thanksgiving…Oopsy. Since then I have come and gone to Tulum, Mexico, which was perfect and I will post about it soon. But since Christmas is RIGHT around the corner, I thought I would share some Christmas touches around my house as well as my cards I decided to do this year. 

Typically, I always try and make my own Christmas Cards, seen here, however, this year, I have so many I want to give away, that time made me bow out of creating this year and go with store bought. I went to World Market and you guys, all their Christmas stuff was 50% off! Their cards were 30% off. Hurry and go! I got two types of cards to give out and one night, I cozied up the house; fireplace was lit, candle ablaze, Christmas music playing and got to Christmas-ing…

IMG_9360IMG_9381IMG_9350{cat shoot}IMG_9383IMG_9389IMG_9391IMG_9398{season’s greetings tags for presents]IMG_9400{cute 3-d owl cards from world market]IMG_9399{merry everything cards, because why not be merry for everything?!}


For other DIY gift and wrapping ideas click here and here and here 🙂



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