Thanksgiving Recap

imageHi Guys! I hope everyone had an amazing, yummy, cozy Thanksgiving with family and friends. I hosted this year – my first one ever! If I must say, it was quite the success. From the decor, the table layout, to the drinks and delicious dishes, Thanksgiving was what you could ever ask for in a holiday. We picked upon tasty cheese platters, bacon wrapped dates, Harvest Mules and spiced bourbon ciders during the day while we cooked, baked and created a dinner for the ages. There were six of us and we had a total of 12 dishes. Oops. But definitely not oops…It was awesome.

Our menu consisted of: roasted brussel sprouts sprinkled with shaved parm and balsamic glaze, pearl onions and a variety of wild mushrooms in a creamy garlic sauce, two butternut dishes – a butternut curry and a sweet roasted dish with goat cheese and almond toffee baked on top, sweet and tangy cranberries, a green kale salad, turkey, gravy, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing with dried cranberries and Granny Smith apples, almond toffee, and a homemade ice cream cake with sea salt caramel ice cream and cookies n’ cream ice cream with a Oreo cookie crust and homemade hot fudge in the middle topped off with cool whip. And I still feel like I’m forgetting dishes.

Typically on Holidays or fun events, I become so ‘present’ in the moments throughout the day, that I miss taking detailed photos of the process. I only regret it when I am sitting down to blog and have limited photos to share. With that said, here are a few photos of our day (actually only like two), my table theme and layout, and my getup for post-feast attire.

IMG_8664[table layout brainstorming before the holiday]
IMG_8670 [cheese platter feat. assorted olives, honey comb, grain mustard, apricot jam. cheese: pierre robert, humboldt fog, truffle gouda]IMG_8677 [brother and i prepping away – super thankful to have this master chef as my brother – we rocked thanksgiving] IMG_8672 [my talented friend Sadie of @saderade created this beautiful drink menu sign for one of our house cocktails]IMG_8682 [my brother makes a delicious butternut squash curry every year – the prepped, chopped veggies are ready for action]IMG_8693 IMG_8697image[some details of the finished table scape]


 [my cozy outfit for the post-thanksgiving outing]

Hope you all are getting back into the swing of things after the lovely holiday! Now it’s time for me whip myself into shape and go on liquid diets (not really, but you catch my drift) as I go to Mexico on Sunday and I’m pretty sure I haven’t stopped eating since Thanksgiving….yikes!



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