Get Green


Please don’t judge that this is my first post of the New Year…(Insert shocked emoji face). I know, horrible of me. Time seems to be flying by already this year – can you believe it is mid-March!? Speaking of March – it is officially National Nutrition Month! I guess it makes sense, seeing that March is probably when the New Year resolutions of working out and clean eating start to diminish. Enter – National Nutrition Month – where people have another reason for  motivation to take their bodies and health into thoughtful consideration. 

To honor this month, and also the juice craze as of late, I thought I’d share my favorite juice recipe that I turn to time after time. I like juices for when I’m feeling hungry, need a ‘pick-me-up’ or simply just a good dose of greens. I like to switch it up, but find that these are usually the key players in my juice game…

Ingredients: kale, green apple, ginger, jalapeño, small cucumber

{all these ingredients are ‘to taste’ i.e. more ginger and jalapeño for spice and more cucumber and apple for sweet}IMG_3246 IMG_3250 IMG_3262Cheers to our Health and Vitality (and Juice)!



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