Growing up, my parents were big AM Radio listeners. In the car, around the house, while they were going to bed. I used to dislike it very much. I’d always want music – because talk radio was SO boring. However, now that I’ve grown up, I realize how wonderful “talk radio” really is – and how it’s not just all talk. 

I have become addicted to the NPR app on my phone, along with podcasts. I dig the NPR Music app where you can view “First Listens” of new albums, stream almost any radio station, along with radio programs. With the Podcast App, my current favorites are: WTF, The Moth, and This American Life.

So, Anyway, I found this NPR shirt at TJ Maxx and it was more than I’d like to pay (at TJ’s) but I have never found anything similar where I thought I could wait and get it at a later time. So, here is the NPR shirt – that cost $24.99 and was very worth it, and has proven to be way more nostalgic than assumed to be..

IMG_2788{NPR T-Shirt, Paige Jeans}IMG_2792IMG_2796IMG_2799Hope you enjoy NPR (and Poppy Picking) when you have the time…


– L

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