Nautical Colors in Avila

Version 2As a frequent beach goer, I try to typically stray away from ‘playing the part’, because I’m a ‘local’ and how dare I ever look like a tourist in my own town, am I right? However, as I put this outfit together, all I could envision for the shoot was being on a pier that overlooked the ocean, with big wood pylons and planks. And with that vision coming to life, just like that, I became a tourist in my own town. Not only dressing like it was 85 degrees, when in fact the wind was howling (take a look at my hair in some of the photos) and it was quite frigid, but also prancing around the pier getting my photo taken like I was new to the scene. Even though I acted like an out-of-towner (nothing wrong with that), this outfit was perfect for a beach day in Spring. I love the thin white and navy vertical stripes of the T-shirt dress combined with a structural light denim jacket. As for accessories, I wanted to add some pops of color that tied in with the nautical theme. I paired a chunky coral rock bracelet with a beaded coral necklace in which the combo of the big rocks and delicate necklace detail really complimented each other. To offset going overboard with the Naval theme, I wore a mustard yellow woven belt and tan leather huarache sandals.IMG_2250 IMG_2246

{T-Shirt Dress similar here, Cropped Denim Jacket similar here, Huarache Sandals, Coach Legacy Sunglasses} Version 2 IMG_2274 IMG_2277 IMG_2290 IMG_2303

Wishing you great weekend vibes! Cheers!


For extra viewing pleasure, here are a couple shots that turned out awesome with a B&W filter

IMG_2281 IMG_2283

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