Cozy in Cupcakes and Cashmere

IMG_1495On a rare day with a cloud covered morning, the perfect opportunity to feature this cozy sweater presented itself. During a recent day trip to Santa Barbara, I was excited to find a lone Cupcakes and Cashmere sweater on the rack. As I had just finished telling G earlier that day about the new line of clothing, finding this (what seemed like one and only C&C piece) in the department felt as though it was meant to be — I mean it wasn’t even tagged for price/sale! When the fit was perfect and the price was bearable, it seemed like the right purchase to make. This sweater is so versatile for dressing up for work, casual daytime with jeans, a nice dinner with a pencil skirt and booties, or even glamping. I initially stated that this would be ‘cute for camping’ and I think G almost combusted with shock. Since then, I am putting a big asterisk on that and saying ‘Glamping’ because wouldn’t it be cute for a classy (imagine Post Ranch Inn, G 🙂 ) Big Sur stay?!IMG_1323

{Cupcakes and Cashmere sweater (shop Spring ’16 here), Artisan necklace, Cotton Pencil Skirt, Booties}

IMG_1366 IMG_1514 IMG_1463 IMG_1481

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