Rainy Day Decor

IMG_0224As the rain falls here in CA leading up to the weekend, I’m hoping for a cozy (read: keep raining, CA!) next couple of days. I’m looking forward to baking, cooking dinners, lighting the fire and candles (although that’s an every night thang), and while remaining snug with cards (playing cards) and movies. After a nice spring cleaning this week, my house is ready to be snuggled up in…Enjoy the warm house moments from a rainy, windy, sunny, lovely CA day here:IMG_0209

{end-table details (above) and mantle takeover by plant (below)}

IMG_0222 IMG_0231

{coffee table owl (above), Penny storm watching (below)}

IMG_0240 IMG_0250

{my lovely leather plant on the dining table (above), cozy bedroom vibes (below)}

IMG_0202 (1)What are your favorite things to do on rainy weekend days? It’s always fun to hear of other people’s ideas for staying snug. Have a wonderful, enjoyable weekend!

Cheers! -L

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Decor

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  2. Great photos and lovely decorations! For me rain simply means staying in bed with dim lights, my coziest blanket and a cup of hot chocolate watching a cheesy film with my friends!

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