The Girl with the Curly Hair

IMG_5662{helping enhance a statement necklace}

As you all know, I started my blog with the domain name, Bloom and Birch. As much as I loved this title and the meaning behind it, I felt as if it didn’t fully speak to ME. So, I am happy to announce the launch of my ‘new’ blog name – The Girl with the Curly Hair. This is a very appropriate title as it speaks to me and one of my most prominent accessories, my curls. The blog is just as it was; the history, archives and social media have remained intact. I will be using this name as a contact for all professional and collaboration inquires. Simply email me at Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. I greatly appreciate it! Here is to a similar endeavor with a new name and new energy. Now, for your enjoyment and just for funsies…here are me and ‘the curls’ seen around the world…Cheers!IMG_6356{curls with a fedora in L.A.}IMG_2521{enjoying the central coast’s golden hour}IMG_6151{stretching with wildflowers on Moonstone Beach}IMG_4128{getting blown away on Whidbey Island, WA} IMG_6556{soaking up the sinking city}IMG_8303{fair-ing it up}IMG_7363{can’t do w/o the selfie}

I look forward to this new endeavor with you following along. Thank you for your support!



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