Handmade Holiday Cards

IMG_5785Can you believe Christmas is only 4 days away?! I can’t. This Holiday Season came so quickly. Every Holiday season, I like to conjure up a new, creative handmade gift in which to give to local friends. Family and friends back at home typically receive thoughtful purchased gifts, as it’s quite hard to travel with a lot of handmade presents. With limited time (and money) this season, I sprung for easy, quick, handmade cards (with homemade goodies attached). When making cards, using stamps is always my go-to. As you can see, my stamps are very well-used. I used colored ‘glitter’ paper to add a Holiday flare, stamps and blank cards. This made it easy to tailor each card to a specific person.

IMG_5755What You’ll Need:

letter stamps / colored paper or card-stock (I prefer card-stock) / ink-pad / scissors / permanent adhesive tape roller / blank envelopes and cards / pensIMG_5756 IMG_5757 IMG_5764

1.) Cut different shapes into the colored paper and use the permanent adhesive to place it on the front of your card. Of course, you can get as fancy as you want and add shapes to the inside of the card as well 🙂

2.) Use the stamps to provide a word or a saying. On the inside of the cards, I wrote the recipient’s name with a heart down at the bottom for my sign-off.

Once you have all the supplies out, these cards can be made by the handful with a Holiday movie playing in the background to really get you in the spirit. The items can be purchased at a Michael’s store or craft store – and will probably cost less than $25 total (however, don’t quote me as I had all these items prior). Either way, it’s still a great deal if you are giving out multiple Christmas Cards! IMG_5767 IMG_5788 IMG_5787



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