February, Oh February

February has come and gone and it may be safe to say, the most fun month of the year. I know, I know, what a let down for the rest of the year; we have ten more months to go. Although I plan each month holding their own special moments and good times, February has a lot to top, and unfortunately, I don’t think it’ll happen.

In the beginning of the month, we drove down to Irvine to celebrate T’s nieces first birthday. Little ones all around, treats, decor and details were perfected by T’s sister-in-law who never disappoints and is extremely on top of EVERYTHING cute and inspirational. Family time was wonderful as was meeting new friends!

482986_10100471402532536_407072030_n 533855_10100471402687226_1634230942_n

The next weekend we drove up to The City (San Francisco) for those unfamiliar with the Cali lingo of San Francisco being the only “The City,” in the state. There we celebrated and mourned with the Niners fans as they came oh so close to being victorious and winning the Super Bowl. Despite the outcome, the weekend was fun catching up with friends and family.

For the following weekend, I planned one of the most elaborate surprises to date. T turned 30th on the 19th, so after months of contemplating, I rented a house in Arroyo Grande, CA and invited all of our friends from far and near to come stay and celebrate over the weekend. It went off pretty perfectly (the surprise part) and the rest of the weekend was nonstop laughter, fun, games, and endless delightful treats, food and drinks!

IMG_2325 IMG_2397 IMG_2356 IMG_2246 IMG_2258

In just a short five days, after the house surprise, we were headed to New Orleans, LA. There we were meeting up with T’s brother and yet two more surprises! I invited my brother and our other friend to come meet with us unbeknownst to T. I love surprises!!

Recovering from all those surprises and fun took a much time, energy, and monetary replenishing too. Now, I am ready to settle into March and look forward to its unknowns. Already I plan on a lot of yoga, and a lot of GMAT studying…

Cheers! -L

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