Kale Chips

IMG_2738With Summer around the corner, I think it’s about time I perfect this easy, healthy, ‘pretend you’re eating popcorn’, snack. I don’t know why the taste of kale chips sometimes gives me undertones and notes of popcorn…But I am definitely not complaining. Kale chips are obviously packed with nutrients and this snack is very low cal – perfect for beach prep, am I right? You get a tasty treat and energy boost that will keep you tied over, especially with almonds on the side!

{kale homegrown from the garden}IMG_2706{olive oil lightly brushed on torn kale leaf chunks}IMG_2719{sprinkled with s&p}IMG_2726{baked to…maybe perfection next time ;)} IMG_2730There are TONS of kale chip recipes all over the world wide web, but I followed this one loosely. While I did heat my oven to 350, the first round I left in the oven for 10 minutes and the second only 7*. Watch your oven temp and the delicacy of the kale you are using. P.S. The thicker leaves, the better, in my opinion. Lightly brush the olive oil on clean dried kale leaves and sprinkled salt and pepper* on top.

*My strays away from the recipe – shorter bake time and I added in pepper, obvi. Speaking of, get crafty with it! Pepper, garlic salt, cumin, maybe a little cayenne…Mmmm. Enjoy!

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