April Fools

Some of the best April Fools happened when I was younger. Sometimes I went overboard like the time I called one of my parents panically claiming that our cat had gone missing only to exclaim, “Aprils Fools,” just before real destruction began. Other times my brother and I were quite clever in our little games…

The best was tying a rubber band around the sprayer on the sink, so when our Mom turned on the water, it would spray her. Letting our father into the gig, we told him not to use the sink until Mom got sprayed. However, somehow, while preparing dinner, Mom was not using the sink, for what seemed like 15 minutes! It was unreal. We just kept waiting and waiting, and giggling and waiting. And then, the best outcome of all occurred. Dad, who was in on the plot, went to the kitchen, turned on the sink and pow! He got sprayed so good! We couldn’t stop laughing, especially knowing that he knew all along. A quick slip of the brain, and April Fools to him!

coworker-friend-joke-prank-serious-april-fools-day-ecards-someecards monday-prank-coworkers-april-fools-day-ecards-someecards

I haven’t yet thought of any pranks or jokes to play this year. Maybe throughout the day, something will occur. But I always do love reflecting on this fun, light-hearted, joke day that we have created. That and knowing that it truly is Spring Time! Have a beautiful day!

Cheers! -L

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