New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the best trips I have had in a long time. Traveling there with my brother, my boyfriend and his brother, and our good friend was exciting, comfortable, hilarious, and real. We made the most of each day and night, fitting in at least five restaurants and bars, along with two music shows. A swamp tour fit its way in a day and we even travelled outside of the city to Pho Tau Bay which was featured on The Layover. Unfortunately, I brought my camera only to the Cemetery, so the rest of the photos are from the handy 4s. Regardless, enjoy a (food) tour through N’awlins!





IMG_2442IMG_2428The Lafayette Cemeteries are beautifully historical, serene and powerful.

Cafe Du Monde, of course. IMG_1073 IMG_1078 Jackson Square. IMG_1084 Pho Tau Bay. Unbelievably amazing Pho and vietnamese cuisine in New Orleans. I am still craving it.
IMG_1089 Bourbon tasting at the Bourbon HouseIMG_1095 IMG_1098 Acme Oyster House chowdownIMG_1134 Bywater strollIMG_1157 Frenchman Art Market IMG_1175 Sweet Tea!IMG_1178 Cool tap fountain at the Bulldog in the Garden District
IMG_1182 IMG_1183 Beautiful food at CochonIMG_1185 We saw two great shows hereIMG_1195 How high would you build your house?!IMG_1207 IMG_1215 Tim’s 30th on the swampIMG_1220 IMG_1227 IMG_1233 IMG_1247 Wonderful friends and familyIMG_1236 IMG_1251 This guy. He turned 30 this day.IMG_1258 IMG_1262 Napoleon HouseIMG_1264 IMG_1285 Birthday Dinner at Jacques-ImosIMG_1282 Jacques-ImosIMG_1290 IMG_1294 Big Shots at Preservation Hall that night. Beautiful venue with outstanding jazz.
IMG_1302 Tree of LifeIMG_1303IMG_1179New Orleans, Louisiana will hold a special place in my heart. Big and wonderful thanks to our lovely friends and family that made it so memorable. But mostly my love goes out to the people of the city who were so amazingly welcoming, kind, helpful, fun, and some of the best spirits and hearts I’ve experienced in an unknown city. Love you N’awlins! We will see you again.

Cheers! -L

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