Fresh and Easy

This post is entitled after the grocery store, but has nothing to do with the grocery store. It’s simply about a fresh and easy lunch option! This week has been entirely comprised of all homemade breakfasts, juices, lunches and dinners. Hardly ever am I able to, or make the time to do this, but I committed to it this week. And do I love it! It’s so much easier, healthier and cheaper than going out. Not that I don’t love to go out.

Lettuce wraps are always the perfect summer time meal. Healthy, light, flavorful, fun and messy! For these fresh and easy wraps, I included shredded chicken from a rotisserie chicken, garden fresh cucumbers, farmers market celery, lettuce and mint. To add flavor, I made up some sauces. I love asian flavors so I did a quick marinade for the chicken comprising of Mae Ploy (a sweet chili sauce that goes with almost anything), Sriacha, Yellow Mustard, Fish Sauce, Chili Oil, Soy Sauce and Cracked Pepper. I put the cucumber and celery in a Red Wine Vinegar, Yellow Mustard, salt and pepper marinade before constructing the wraps. This kept the vegetables crisp and tasty. I needed something else so I quickly threw some garbanzo beans and black beans together with some Sriacha, Chili Pepper, and salt as a side salad.

To wash it all down, I made a mint tea infused with honey, fresh mint and white grapefruit juice which I chilled and served as Iced Tea. This tea was so good and refreshing that I have made three different variations since. It’s nice to have on hand for guests (and yourself!) as a light refresher. Adding an alcohol and topping it with soda water also makes a delicious homemade cocktail!

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